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The Future Has Already Begun by AlgoHiggs


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In an effort to replace me, the artist Shardcore fed all my books into an AI and trained it to write as me. The end result is this, an AI-generated attempt at writing The Future Starts Here, which is frustratingly far funnier than anything I have ever written.

100 copies were printed and 90 have now gone, being sold on a pay-what-you-want basis at my talks in order to raise money for Shelter (the total raised was £455.82). These are the LAST TEN COPIES and they are being made available for a tenner each. I won't lie, the money raised will not be going to charity, it will be going into my pockets.

If you want your copy signed or dedicated to a particular individual, make sure you include details of what you'd like written in the book in the 'Notes or instructions (optional)' box at the bottom of the checkout page.